01Sep, 2016

PCI DSS/ Security Compliance

Credit card scanning software and PCI DSS compliance

The steps to PCI DSS compliance are numerous and can be complex, but the availability of credit card scanning software make the process of compliance far less strenuous.

Compliance is relevant to your business if you receive credit card payments from your  customers, security compliance will: reduce the risk of negative brand exposure; fraud and its associated costs; and the risk of penalties, fines and data breach associated legal costs.  In addition to which the integrity of your brand’s reputation is kept intact,  many companies who have been the victim of serious data breaches have learnt how important that is, both financially and in terms of the public’s perception.

There are several software products that are made specifically to assist with PCI security compliance such as “Enterprise Recon”. IP Solutions service is dedicated to making sensitive data discovery easier, thereby helping  organisations to prevent sensitive data loss and the risk of a data breach.

The scaning softeare can be used for PCI DSS sampling and PCI scope evidence creation. The software quickly searches for non-compliant card data and secures it. A PCI compliance report is then sent after the scan.

In addition to which Data Recon can find more than 95 types of personally identifiable information used in more than 50 countries and search for data types specific to your organisation. Software that encompasses compliance for larger organisations is covered by the Enterprise Recon edition. Enterprise Recon is the “complete solution” for identification, remediation and monitoring of sensitive personal data across your entire network”.

The software is trusted by more than 2500 companies around the world.

Advaced credit card scanning means none secure credit card data storage will be identified fast, scans can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis, reports on compliance status are automatic after a scan, the service is low impact on production and users so that monitoring is 24/7, it covers both agent and agentless deployments.

Download this free eBook to find out how Credit Card Scanning Software can save your business from being the next target for cyber-attack and fraud.

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