01Nov, 2016

PII & Credit Card Data Scanning

Ensure customer privacy and data security with the latest scanning technology

If your goal is to ensure customer privacy and data security it is vital you leverage the advantages associated with the latest credit card & PII data scanning technology.

As you may be aware, a security breach can have damaging consequences for your brand and reputation. Equally, let’s not forget that the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are tough standards to meet. Merchants processing more than six million credit card transactions a year (level 1 merchants), need to get a PCI Council-approved Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to audit their data security processes. While smaller merchants need to conduct security self-assessments annually and report their positions.

Even worse, getting hacked could ruin your business. Losing only a few thousand records can bankrupt companies. There are organisations that achieve compliance in a matter of months as they understand why compliance is important and they leverage advanced technologies to identify and secure previously unsecured sensitive data effectively.

With the latest scanning technology such as the one offered by IP Solutions, you are in good hands. As the scope of data continually expands, organisations face increased complexity to identify and control all sensitive data handling points across an enterprise network.

IP Solutions Enterprise Recon version 2.0 recognises this and has expanded its capability to search more corporate data repository types whilst understanding a larger number of data formats used to store sensitive information.

It offers: discovery and remediation of 95+ data types including PCI, Privacy, and HIPAA with the ability to search advanced target types including audio, images, shadow, and cloud services with automated notification improvements for PCI DSS 3.1, a simplified deployment methodology with an agentless option; and a redesigned interface.

In addition to which Enterprise Recon offers a new privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data module designed to cover privacy laws and PII compliance requirements.

The improved network scanning comprises:

  • New built-in native remote file sharing client;
  • Configurable user credentials for different SAN / NAS devices;
  • With the ability to limit bandwidth usage.

Getting hacked could wipe out your business.

Securing your data with the latest scanning technology is a significant step in the right direction, and critically important for your business. Find your unsecured sensitive data before the criminals do with advanced scanning services from IP Solutions.

Check out this eBook on credit card scanning to discover where your data is or speak with an expert today about data scanning and PCI DSS Compliance here.

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