01Jan, 2016

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Financial Cost Of Data Breaches On Affected Companies In Australia 2015

Cybercrime continues to rise across the globe and Australian organisations have so far been somewhat complacent about the impact of a data breach.

With the mandatory breach notification law still on the government’s agenda, organisations in Australia should be thinking about securing their sensitive data now.

Many organisations in Australia struggle with security and legislative compliance.

The global landscape is changing and changing fast.

Businesses must consider an explosion of new technologies and find ways to handle and protect large volumes of sensitive data. Businesses require solutions, which achieve optimal business performance, staff productivity, comprehensive security of sensitive data and control of their digital interactions in more holistic cost effective ways.

Securing a business does incur costs of course but not protecting your business appropriately could cost you, your clients, your reputation and ultimately your business.

This infographic highlights the cost of cybercrime on Australian organisation in 2015.




Organisations that embrace solutions regarding data security and the new privacy laws can increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, secure the business infrastructure, foster a better working environment and broaden service options.

It’s a compelling opportunity for businesses to leverage security and compliance investments to maximise returns for the business. In short, certified cloud-based services are available which reduce compliance costs, secure customer data and payment processes while offering opportunities to improving the customer experience – improving the bottom line for business.

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