01Jun, 2016

Contact Centre Solutions

How to eliminate credit card fraud in the call centre

Contact centres face many challenges around Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)   compliance and they have become the target for data breaches and fraud globally. The exposure to fraud in the contact centre is heightened as numerous agent systems process credit card data, and agents hear and see sensitive customer credit card data including their CVV numbers.

So how do you go about eliminating credit card fraud in the call centre?

Our team has made PCI compliance simple and fast to operate. With a flick of a switch, our team can remove agents and systems from PCI compliance’s scope, reducing it overall by over 90 per cent. That’s part of our AgentSecure service.

So, how does it work? Well, whilst on the line the customer simply taps their credit card details into their phone keypad when prompted. The transaction is shown on the agent’s screen, so they know how the customer is getting on. But the cardholder data never enters the contact centre (thanks to our latest cloud based technology).In addition to which the agent remains in voice contact with the customer throughout the process, as such they can provide immediate service at any time throughout the payment process ensuring the highest levels of customer service are maintained, and more importantly ensuring payment success rates are maximized

The agent is always in contact with the customer in case they have any questions, but never comes into contact with the payment card data. So your brand, customers and staff are protected. In addition to which the process is fully token enabled for more advanced agent workflows. The process is fast, easy, consumer-friendly, with the potential to reduce  the call handling time and the agent no longer hears or sees customers’ sensitive credit card data.  So you get peace of mind.

And that peace of mind is good to have. Here’s why. It was reported last year, for example, that an Australian call centre employee had stolen customers’ personal information and had then sold them to an organised crime syndicate who used them to take out fraudulent credit cards and loans worth more than $1 million.

Credit card fraud rates over the last year have grown from 46.6 to 58.8 cents for every $1000 spent. Meanwhile, contact centre compliance costs continue to rise in Australia due in part to the mandatory compliance with the latest version of the PCI DSS Standards. The AgentSecure service can help reduce those costs.

Outsourced call centre service providers face even more onerous challenges compared to traditional merchant call centres. Some of the ongoing challenges outsourced call centres face – having to process payments on behalf of multiple customers; processing payments to multiple banks; storing and forwarding sensitive card data to clients; ongoing staff training and police checks; staff retention; security and fraud risk, and how to oversee overseas staff working securely, or staff working securely from home.  With Agent Secure, those challenges are no more.


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