01Jun, 2022

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IPSI delivers new checkout experience with Mastercard Click to Pay

Mastercard Click to Pay

In a world where speed of checkout is king, IPSI has partnered with Mastercard to provide customers with a smart and secure way to make online payments with the adoption of the payment company’s Click to Pay solution available to merchants from the end of Q3.

With consumer payment behaviour continuing to evolve with the growing e-commerce market, securing and streamlining online transactions has never been more important for businesses operating online. Mastercard Click to Pay simplifies online transactions, using multiple layers of intelligent security to remove the need for passwords at checkout, while replacing sensitive payment data with encrypted tokens. These tokens can even be updated with new payment details by the customer’s bank when a card is reissued after being reported lost, stolen or expired.

Easily integrated into existing ecommerce platforms, Click to Pay offers organisations higher approval rates with online transactions, reduced fraud and cart abandonment, and increased sales. This enhanced checkout experience can help drive customer retention and repeat purchases with a single integration.

The new option will be enabled through IPSI who play the role of Secure Remote Commerce Initiator (SRCi). This capability sets the path for how the checkout is evolving from a guest checkout to a constant authenticated experience. It also helps the retailers, marketplaces and merchants own and have control of their checkout.

“As enthusiasm for new payment technologies continues to grow, we are delighted to be partnering with Mastercard to launch this revolutionary, new integrated payment solution that will simplify the checkout process for customers and deliver an exceptional checkout experience for merchants and their customers,” said Eric Maya, Co-founder of IPSI.

“It’s more important than ever that the online checkout experience is simple, smart and secure. With Click to Pay, IPSI and its customers will leverage the very latest version of this technology, eliminating the need to manually enter card details and offering instant access to preferred cards across devices, while still applying the highest levels of security to merchants’ checkout,” said Surin Fernando, Vice President and Head of Customer Solution Centre, Australasia

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