Advanced tokenization

IPSI is unique in terms of its tokenization experience, capability and flexibility. Tokenization is the simplest and most effective way of minimising your PCI DSS compliance burden.

Tokenization is the storage of card numbers / bank account or even PII data within IPSI's Level 1 PCI DSS certified cloud service. Payment card data is stored securely in the cloud whilst remaining accessible and protected from unauthorised access.

This process allows your systems to continue to operate as though you had the original card number, while significantly reducing your risk and security compliance requirements.

Organisations that must meet the requirements of PCI DSS are increasingly embracing the compliance benefits of tokenization. The tokenization process is simple:

  • IPSI provides a range of secure payment channels to accept and authorise credit card payments.
  • The credit card data is replaced with a unique set of randomised numbers (tokens) and stores the data in a PCI DSS compliant environment within Australia (or overseas depending on the client).
  • Original credit card data is removed from the merchant's database and the token is stored in its place, thereby significantly reducing a company's financial risk and security compliance costs.

Any further transactions are transmitted using the token.

IPSI's tokenization capabilities have been tried and tested by Australia's largest corporations, are extremely advanced and flexible enough to meet the unique needs of individual clients.

IPSI has one of the most flexible and advanced token capabilities available, with over ten token formats, aliases and the ability to customize additional token formats to suit individual use cases. Combined with advanced data notification options and use case configurations which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual customers across a range of channels such as mobile, IVR, web and batch. Tokenization, when designed properly, can deliver significant customer service benefits in terms or ease of use, repeat purchases and data security.

The tokenization process is the same as the cloud with sensitive data replaced by a token and stored on-premise in a PCI compliant data storage location.

Sensitive data such as credit cards, personally identifiable information (PII) and bank accounts can all be stored securely using tokenization. Please speak with one of our consultants to ensure our solutions match your requirements.

When you accept payments from multiple channels, omni-channel tokenization technology gives you the flexibility to ensure cardholder data does not enter your system. IPSI offers a range of tokenization enabled payment channels with highly advanced tokenizing web services.

Tokenization removes the need to store credit card data for chargebacks customer service and recurring billing which reduces your PCI DSS compliance burden.
At IPSI, we offer a complete range of PCI DSS services including advice on compliant managed services, receivables processing, tokenization, multi-bank payment processing, IVR, contact centre payment handling, data discovery software and customised corporate payment solutions.
Preparing reports for PCI DSS compliance can be time-consuming and costly. At IPSI we have the tools to streamline your PCI DSS reporting and reduce your compliance burden.  Our service produces automated reports that take the pressure off staff and provide evidence of your PCI DSS compliance automatically across your environment.
All IPSI payment gateway services are Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and provide end-to-end solutions with multi-bank connectivity globally and enterprise-grade processing.
Many companies continue to underestimate the cost, scope and lead time associated with achieving and maintaining PCI DSS Compliance.

Specialist skills and expertise is required to co-ordinate and manage PCI DSS compliance projects and they involve complex process reengineering, third party interfaces, bank processing, data storage and security, audit and compliance, governance, customer support, cash flow and financial processes to name a few.


But where do you start? That's where our Professional Services Consulting can help.


Our team will help you maximise business security investments. We'll help you protect information assets against security threats and balance your risk profile with security spend to get the right balance between costs and benefits.


Our Review, Analysis and Design process addresses:

  • Review of end to end payment and security processes
  • Identifying areas of improvement, security and business considerations
  • Assess solution alternatives
  • Solution recommendation


Our consultants apply this same meticulous thinking to all Payments Projects as well. As a specialist provider of corporate payment solutions, we offer consultancy services which focus on streamlining existing payment and accounts receivables processes. Payment Process Reviews (PPR's) can offer significant business benefits to organisations over and the above our core PCI DSS security benefits.


Payment Process Reviews focus on:

  • Accelerated invoicing
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Enhanced reporting and governance
  • Reduced operating costs (particularly administration, reconciliation and support)


Our consultants help you maximise the benefits and return on value from your investment in IPSI's Solutions products and services. It's just another way we protect your brand, your customers and your cash flow.

Experience & expertise

IPSI has managed many of Australia's largest PCI DSS tokenization projects. Our PCI DSS experience and expertise will fast track you towards compliance.

Extensive integration options

No matter what your business or customer requirements are, we have a payment integration option to suit you.

iFrames allow for the highest level of PCI DSS de-scoping, without customers ever having to leave your site. iFrames are embedded on your website using HTML code and feature only when customers are required to provide credit card information. IPSI's iFrames are extremely flexible ensuring a seamless customer experience.
Payment integration by API enables payment processing directly through shopping carts, web pages and other processes to a payment gateway.

IPSI offers an advanced API service but would recommend other more secure options where possible depending on the specific use case.

Level 1 PCI DSS certified data storage within Australia utilising state of the art data storage and recovery.

Extensive range of highly advanced PCI DSS compliant integration options.
IPSI is connected to all of the major banks in this region with international capability, ensuring end to end payment processing and PCI DSS remediation.
The IPSI IVR service is a highly customisable pay by phone service which is certified as Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant. The pay by phone platform can be customised to match existing data flows, scripts & look up functions, ensuring a seamless customer experience with excellent security.

The Hosted service and can be deployed as a standalone service (i.e. replicates client in-house services) or as an integrated service whereby the IVR can integrate with client side IVR systems. As with all of our services, the IVR service is pre-integrated with all of the major banks in the region, thereby providing significant, end to end PCI DSS de-scoping.

AgentSecure is a complete solution that can reduce your PCI DSS compliance scope by over 90%. AgentSecure uses a platform-as-a-service model which means it is a secure, cost effective and easy to deploy within Australia and overseas.
Leverage our advanced IVR technology to make on premise technology PCI DSS compliant in a cost effective manner using IPSI's IVRSecure service.

Remediation solutions

Reduce the cost, risks and lead times associated with achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.