01Jun, 2016

PCI DSS/ Security Compliance

Why contact centre pause-and-resume technology is a dying technology

While many call centres still use pause-and-resume call recording technology many in the industry view it as a dying technology because more efficient and cost effective solutions have replaced it. This is especially true in terms of customer protection and PCI DSS compliance.

Contact centres must comply with the latest PCI DSS standards and it’s felt that these pause and resume methods don’t adhere to the principle of “restricting access to card data on a need-to-know basis” as more advanced services are now available which can streamline customer payments while not exposing sensitive card data to agents. Nonetheless, studies show more than 50 per cent of call centres still use outdated pause-and-resume call technology.

To avoid PCI DSS breaches and fines, any business that deals with credit card payments over the phone must be compliant, but you must meet hundreds of security requirements to achieve this. And it’s a time-consuming and expensive process – and it will need to be repeated if you change IT processes & systems.

You can, of course, choose not to be PCI DSS compliant, but that puts you at risk of potential financial loss arising from fines and security breach incidents and the risk of the bank terminating your credit card facility, this is certainly not something we would recommend.

However, we do know that call centres are often an area overlooked in security compliance programs. This is unfortunate as they present an additional risk with agents hearing and seeing card data, agents system also process sensitive card data and sometimes store credit card information in call recordings. In addition to which globally data indicates that there has been an increase in the number of criminal gangs targeting call centre agents. It’s a serious and growing issue.

Nonetheless, there are much better solutions available, and they are a step up from pause-and-resume technology. Our IP Solutions AgentSecure service can provide what your call centre needs and deal with compliance issues, customer service sand security concerns at the same time.

Here are a few things you need to know about AgentSecure. Our service can help any business – SMB to major corporate – with a credit card processing contact centre to reduce the costs, complexity and lead times associated with security compliance. It’s a very cost-effective service, compared to more traditional security technology.

It’s completely cloud-based with all data going via top-notch facilities in Australia. More importantly the service has been independently certified as meeting the highest card security standards available. Not only that, the service incorporates an ongoing PCI DSS service commitment with an elimination of credit card data contact centre service guarantee.

To find out more about securing contact centre payments, you can download a free eBook here.

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