01Jul, 2016

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Why secure contact centre card processing is essential to your business

Cybercrime is an everyday reality and hackers are often looking to infiltrate contact centre environments to steal customer credit card data, this is a very real and compelling reason why secure contact centre credit card processing is essential to your business, particularly given the financial costs and brand damage that can follow such events.

It would be heartening to be able to say your company won’t be targeted, but the figures tell another story. Fraud & cybercrime data from 2016 highlights that nearly any enterprise can fall prey to criminals.

Thousands of organisations in Australia across a wide range of industries rely on taking credit card payments every day over the phone. And as you’re probably aware credit card payment data is extremely sensitive.

It was reported last year, for example, that an Australian call centre employee had stolen customers’ personal information and had then sold them to an organised crime syndicate who used them to take out fraudulent credit cards and loans worth more than $1 million dollars.

Payments industry data for 2014 show that fraud on Australian payment cards continues to increase, reflecting a global trend both in online card fraud and in cybercrime in general. Card fraud rates over the last year have grown from 46.6 to 58.8 cents for every $1,000 spent.

Recent studies and our own experience in the industry highlights that many business, particularly their call centre payment operations are not as secure as they should be. There are a number of factors which have contributed to this situation such as: inadequate security & compliance education by the banks & card schemes, a lack of viable alternatives and the high cost of more traditional technology solutions.

IP Solutions is now addressing this shortcoming with its AgentSecure credit card DTMF call filtering service. The service is unique in that customers are offered excellent security & peace of mind, it’s easy for agents to use, its cost effective and easy to deploy and all the data stays within Australia.

This also helps with PCI DSS compliance as the AgentSecure service offers a PCI DSS service compliance guarantee for the life of the service; this will contribute towards reduced call centre security costs.

These service benefits are even more pronounced for outsourced call centre service providers, because they often face additional challenges: having to process payments on behalf of multiple customers; processing payments to multiple banks; storing and forwarding sensitive card data to clients; ongoing staff training and police checks; staff retention; security and fraud risks, and how to utilise oversees staff securely, or staff working securely from home.  With AgentSecure credit card DTMF filtering, these issues are dealt with.

Our expert team is able to explain in detail the benefits and cost savings associated with the AgentSecure service and why it’s essential to your business. Some examples of the business benefits are:  improved customer satisfaction & payment success rates, reduced call handling times, reduced costs and improved security.

To find out more about making your Contact Centre Payment Processing more effective & secure, download this free eBook here.

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