01May, 2016

Contact Centre Solutions

Why secure contact centre payment processes are essential to your business

Contact centres face many challenges in terms of complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), in addition to which many call centres have become the target for fraud globally.

But as you may be aware, payment credit card data information is extremely sensitive. It was reported last year, for example, that an Australian call centre employee had stolen customers’ personal information and had then sold them to an organised crime syndicate who used them to take out fraudulent credit cards and loans worth more than $1 million.

Outsourced BPO call centre providers face additional challenges: having to process payments on behalf of multiple customers; processing payments to multiple banks; storing and forwarding sensitive card data to clients; ongoing staff training and police checks; staff retention; security compliance and fraud risk, in addition to which many companies struggle with overseas agents working securely, or staff working securely from home.

Call centres are often an area overlooked in compliance programs. Yet they present significant risks with agents hearing & seeing sensitive card data to the storage of call recording, against a backdrop of an increasing number of criminal gangs targeting call centre agents.

Due to increased media attention in this area, consumers are becoming more aware of that risk and they’re increasingly reluctant to give their card details over the phone – figures show only five per cent of customers feel paying via a call centre is safe.

But there are new technologies available to make contact centre credit card payments secure and easy. In the past, call centres have tried a number of approaches, such as turning off call recording or pause call recording, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and iFrame agent workflows. While some have benefits they also have disadvantages.

The AgentSecure DTMF call filtering payment solution is fast, easy and consumer-friendly with the added potential of reducing the call time, and the agent no longer hears or sees customers’ sensitive credit card data.

And finally, now that cloud based services are available in Australia, which enable contact centre agents to securely process credit card payments in real time without being exposed to credit card data, the previously held belief that agents need to hear credit card details to process payments and service customers is no longer valid.

By leveraging the IP Solutions AgentSecure service customers will gain greater confidence which in turn can turn into improved success rates and cash flow, security and compliance costs will reduce, while customer service and call handling times can improve.

To find out more about securing your contact centre payment information, book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our credit card payment specialists here.

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