EnterpriseSecure® benefits

EnterpriseSecure®  combines security, flexibility and Australian innovation in a payments solution that will reduce the costs, risks and lead-times in achieving and maintaining security compliance.

EnterpriseSecure® is a truly independent payments solution that connects with all of the major banks, Eftpos and credit card providers in Australia and New Zealand.   Our capability extends to processing payments for larger clients in the United States, Europe and Asia. Given our multi-bank capabilities, customers benefit from greater choice and strategic bank independence
Tailor the customer experience through a large selection of payments options and greater control of your payments platform with EnterpriseSecure®.

Have more flexibility and control in how you manage your customer’s digital journey, payment flows and processing costs. EnterpriseSecure® also allows you to customise and integrate with your legacy payment systems and combine multiple systems, tools and services into one.  We evolve as your business requirements change.
EnterpriseSecure® was developed with merchants in mind.  It delivers high levels of flexibility and control back to the merchant including high-level configuration and unique management features, ensuring deployment of payment gateway facilities in a manner that meets your business requirements.
Least-cost routing is an important feature of EnterpriseSecure® allowing merchants the ability to manage transaction flow based on business rules and reduce processing costs.

All payment services incorporate advanced data consolidation, reporting and analytics. Enabling customers to access meaningful business intelligence in real time across products / brands / business units / banks and countries.

EnterpriseSecure® is level 1 PCI DSS compliant and aligns with APRA's CPS234 security compliance standard
EnterpriseSecure® was based on the needs of the Australian market and all enhancements are managed by our local technology team.
All credit card and PII data is securely stored within Australia, facilitating protection from overseas governments and the issues associated with regions with lax security regulations.
EnterpriseSecure® is level 1 PCI DSS compliant and aligns with APRA CPS 234 security standard which reduces the costs, effort and lead time to become security compliant.

Australian owned & developed

EnterpriseSecure® is an Australian owned and developed payments solution created for the needs of the local market. Any technology enhancements are handled by our Australian based developers.

Multiple payment options

Mobile, bank account, card, call centre, phone, tokens? Your customers expect multiple payment options and EnterpriseSecure® offers multiple options which can grow and evolve as your business requirements change.

EnterpriseSecure® offers multiple highly flexible integration options such as iFrame, Config Editor Direct Post, Proxy, API and client side encryption with advanced data exchange and analytics.
With mobile ownership and usage continuing to grow, collecting payments by mobile is a must to meet the expectations of customers.
However, the growth of mobile device usage has resulted in conflict between innovation and security. Many companies struggle with the need to improve customer experience and touch points while maintaining security and compliance.

IPSI has worked with organisations and developers to provide innovative, flexible and customer friendly payment services which comply with the latest security standards.

Our Pay by Phone services utilise enterprise-grade reliability, flexibility and scalability with significant bust capacity.

The technology is used by a diverse range of clients.

If you'd like to expand or enhance your ability to accept payments via your call centre, you must be certain your payment system is PCI DSS compliant.

PCI DSS compliance in the call centre environment can be confusing for merchants. Many merchants are also mistaken in the belief that pause-call recording is the answer to the PCI DSS compliance requirements. It is important to note that this only addresses a small portion of the security requirements. While traditional IVR based services can result in higher dropouts and reduced customer service, payment success rates and cash flow.

The key for merchants is to work with a partner like IPSI which has in-depth experience, expertise and the flexibility to interoperate with specific call centre workflows.

Depending on the client's requirements, we can explore a range of approaches for accepting call centre payments.

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Can your customers pay by using stored payment details? Tokenisation and digital wallets when done properly can improve customer service, cash flow and security.


The growth of mobile-based customer interactions and device usage has resulted in conflict between being innovative and the need to keep mobile transactions secure.  It can be challenging to improve customer experience by introducing digital wallet capability and maintaining security and compliance. IPSI has worked with organisations and developers to provide innovative, flexible and customer friendly payment services which enhance customer innovation and security.

IPSI processes multiple payment types such as credit cards, debit cards, bank account payments as well as tokens and wallets.
If your organisation deals with more than one bank, then it's important your payment solution has multi-bank connectivity.

Multi-bank connectivity removes the challenges of bottlenecks and credit inefficiencies that exist when dealing with a single bank. A multi-bank solution allows your organisation to become more bank independent and removes the challenges of moving banks in the future, giving you the commercial benefits associated with strategic bank independence.

IPSI's solutions currently connect with all of the major banks in Australia and selected banks overseas.  For more information regarding overseas banks contact us via [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Multi-bank connectivity

Our payment solutions leverage established connections with multiple banks in Australia and overseas.